Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome to the Miskatonic Museum!

Welcome to the Miskatonic Museum, an institution dedicated to research and virtual curation of less-than-existing artifacts, papers, and general exhibits related to research into the eldritch history of this planet, as chronicled by the likes of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Some exhibits pertain directly to the body of lore known as the Cthulhu or Lovecraft Mythos. Others focus on more mainstream scientific and historical discoveries that reflect the weird cosmic tales of Lovecraft and his disciples.

We're still arranging the display cases and the audio guided tour devices only shriek pitiful wails, so please bear with us in these early opening days. Be sure to visit the Museum Gift Shop, where many wonderful tomes, icons, and other momentos can be purchased to commemorate your visit. And whatever you do, please refrain from entering any spaces reserved for the museum staff; everyone will be happier and saner for it.

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