Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mi-Go Flight Abilities: Insights from Fungal Air Jet Production

MIG002: Apothecial fungus propulsion (Video from Marcus Roper of the University of California, Berkeley, and New Scientist)

The ability of the beings known as the Fungi from Yuggoth to move through both the atmosphere and vacuum on ungainly wings has always been puzzling.

The things come from another planet, being able to live in interstellar space and fly through it on clumsy, powerful wings which have a way of resisting the aether but which are too poor at steering to be of much use in helping them about on earth.

Henry Akeley, May 5, 1928 in a letter to Albert N. Wilmarth, as recorded in "The Whisperer in Darkness"

While still a mystery, perhaps the capabilities of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum provides a clue. Marcus Roper and a team of scientists at the University of California, Berkeley, have discovered that apothecial fungi are capable of coordinating to produce an air jet when ejecting their spores. A video of this phenomenon can be seen above. While the relationship between Earth fungus and extraterrene fungus is still unknown, such a development would surely have been noticed by the keen biological mindset of the creatures known in Nepalese as the Mi-Go.

Perhaps this ability lies behind the cryptic text of the poem "Fungi from Yuggoth," specifically from the section on "Star-Winds" (emphasis added)

It is a certain hour of twilight glooms,
Mostly in autumn, when the star-wind pours
Down hilltop streets, deserted out-of-doors,
But shewing early lamplight from snug rooms.
The dead leaves rush in strange, fantastic twists,
And chimney-smoke whirls round with alien grace,
Heeding geometries of outer space,
While Fomalhaut peers in through southward mists.

This is the hour when moonstruck poets know
What fungi sprout in Yuggoth, and what scents
And tints of flowers fill Nithon's continents,
Such as in no poor earthly garden blow.
Yet for each dream these winds to us convey,
A dozen more of ours they sweep away!

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