Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Elder Thing Discovered in Kentucky. No, Really.

How can this possibly go wrong?

An amateur fossil hunter, working with two professors of geology, just presented their findings of an organism even they are calling a "monster." I'll let them describe it.

"Around 450 million years ago, shallow seas covered the Cincinnati region and harbored one very large and now very mysterious organism. Despite its size, no one has ever found a fossil of this "monster" until its discovery by an amateur paleontologist last year. The fossilized specimen, a roughly elliptical shape with multiple lobes, totaling almost seven feet in length,"

""I knew right away that I had found an unusual fossil," Fine said. "Imagine a saguaro cactus with flattened branches and horizontal stripes in place of the usual vertical stripes. That's the best description I can give.""

Yeah, um ... might it have looked like this?

UPDATE: Better image here.

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