Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Review of Archaeology in Antarctica

Hut built by Sir Ernest Shackleton. Photo by Mila Zinkova. Source Wikicommons.

Exhibit ANT004 - History of Antarctic Archaeology

David L. Harrowfield has written a paper on the history of archaeology on Antarctica. In addition to its general interest regarding the Heroic Era of Antarctic Archaeology (shortly before Miskatonic's expeditions), the following section of the abstract concurs with Professor William Dyer's warnings regarding the continent

"There is great potential for further archaeology in Antarctica; however, any future work must take place under strict controls."

Harrowfield, David L.
2005 Archaeology on Ice: A Review of Historical Archaeology in Antarctica. New Zealand Journal of Archaeology Vol. 26: 5 - 28. Available online at Polar Heritage

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